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Endorses Ward

I have known John Ward for over 20 years, first as a teacher and more recently as my state representative.

John has always impressed me with his tremendous energy and desire to do good.

He was an excellent special education teacher when we first met and later started a very successful service learning program for all interested students, a volunteer program which taught work skills as well as giving back to our community.

His public service as our state representative further illustrates his willingness to work hard for us. Whether helping his students or working with a constituent in understanding and getting government services, John throws himself into his work. He is empathetic and kind and believes in reaching “across the aisle” in order to get things done. His six years of experience in the legislature has made him a well-informed and effective representative.

I want our community to grow and thrive. I believe John is the right person to make that happen.

I will vote for John Ward on Nov. 6.

Bonnie Kriha