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Kellett’s ideals

My grandparents, Fred and Mildred Kellett were both teachers in the area who did their best to set a positive example to their students both on and off the clock. And my grandfather Fred, who once kicked a star player off the team for smoking just before a championship game (which they lost that year). It taught that playing by the rules with integrity is more important than winning. He also taught that a person should take ownership of their mistakes, tell the truth, and do not blame everyone else for them.

I am sadly disappointed that Rep. Ward does not hold himself to this standard. In fact, shocked that he would flat out deny his documented 2010 (First Special Session-HF1) vote to borrow over $2 billion from our schools ($1.963 billion from our E-12 Schools and $100 million from Higher Education).

I am sadly disappointed that he would try to win over my supporters who had “Vote Yes for Marriage” signs by trying to convince them I do not support the marriage amendment (Ward does not support this amendment).

I am more concerned with the type of example Mr. Ward is setting as a teacher and as a Representative than I am about winning. I would rather lose honestly than win dishonestly. And I have my grandparents, particularly my grandpa Kellett, whom I wish could be here with me right now, to thank for that.

Chris Kellett