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Marriage is about love, commitment and responsibility. It is an important institution in our society – nothing conveys love, commitment and family stability the way that marriage does. That’s why my husband and I chose to be married 35 years ago. Couples who have that love and commitment for one another deserve that stability. There is just no substitute for marriage. Gay and lesbian couples want to get married for those same reasons, that is why I am voting no on this amendment that would limit the freedom to marry in Minnesota.

This amendment would be an unprecedented limitation of freedom in our state. Denying certain people in our state the freedom to marry simply because of who they are would make a mockery of our constitution, a document meant to protect our freedoms, not limit them.

We taught our children to live by the Golden Rule – that they should always treat others as they would want to be treated. Telling some Minnesotans that they are not worthy of the responsibility and stability that comes with marriage would not be in keeping with the values we taught our children.

Marriage for gay and lesbian couples is already illegal in Minnesota, and this amendment would not change that. But defeating the amendment will make sure that the next generation of Minnesotans can have a say in an issue this important. An amendment of this nature that would so deeply impact our children and grandchildren merits their input when they become adults. I am voting NO so that their voices may be heard in the future.

Minnesotans have always stood for fairness and freedom. Let’s live up to that reputation. Please join me in voting NO to keep Minnesota a welcoming state for all for generations to come.

Sally Boos