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Nolan for the 8th

Rick Nolan was born, grew up, went to school in and still lives in Crow Wing County. He also worked as an educator in adjacent Morrison County and has been a long time business owner in northern Crow Wing County.

Politically, he served this area, first as an outstanding young legislator, and then outstanding young congressman, repeatedly recognized for effective leadership performance on bipartisan basis.

Nolan has served as chair of the Minnesota World Trade Center bringing thousands of jobs to this state. He also gained five years of international trade experience before returning here to start up an environmentally sound wood product business.

Nolan has long-term service on his local planning commission and has been actively involved in growth of our Central Lakes Community and Technical College.

Contrast that with congressman Cravaack who slipped into office in 2010. Cravaack, although appearing quite hale and hearty, is taking full disability from Delta Airlines for a sleep apnea condition. Before Delta, his employment record was in military service, i.e. federal employee, for which he receives another substantial pension. Up through 2010, Cravaack identified as a stay-at-home dad in the very southern tip of the 8th District. However, his wife and children actually live in New Hampshire. His wife is employed with a Danish pharmaceutical firm, working in Boston.

Before 2010 Congressman Cravaack’s connection with the 8th District was minimal or minute. This year Cravaack apparently played musical houses so he could still legally run in the 8th.

Vote for the man best ready to represent our area, Rick Nolan.

Don Bye

Pequot Lakes