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Vote Lueck 10B

I was listening to our local 3wi radio Saturday morning, and I was listening to an ad put out for Joe Radinovich. I was amazed to hear how many things Dale Lueck had voted for during last session that the DFL is totally against. Only one problem, Dale hasn’t ever served in the House or Senate. He has served on the Aitkin County Board of Commisioners, where he worked very hard to help seniors in the area, and even worked with the Meals on Wheels program, which is geared toward shut-ins, helping them stay in their homes as long as possible. Dale loves helping our seniors and will always be there helping them, as he has already proven.

I am very proud of Dale for being a man of integrity, even when others are not. Dale is the definition of a public servant. He will represent his constituents, not special interest groups.

If you do not vote on Nov. 6 you lose your right to choose people of integrity. Do not complain about the state of the union if you do not vote. Vote integrity. Vote Dale Lueck 10B.

Doug Kern

Crow Wing County

Republican Chair