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Ward supporter

I am writing this in support of Representative John Ward. During a time when the economy is shaky, schools are being cut to the bone, and local businesses are dropping like flies, we need a fierce and effective representative like John Ward. We have known House Rep. Ward for many years and have always known him to not only be a man of his word, but also truly caring of his state and communities. He is accessible to his constituents and always willing to listen or go to bat for those in need. He is a staunch advocate of supporting teachers and “gets” how critical it is for our kids to have not only safe schools, but effective schools.

Rep. Ward has also helped our family during a very trying time and was willing to quickly and unselfishly give us his time and support to resolve the issue. We truly appreciate his heart, integrity, and loyalty. We only wish there were more people in the world like him. We hope you will use this as an example and pass the word to the naysayers and political bashers that seem to have nothing better to do.

Rebecca Flansburg