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GOP dirty trick

Public cynicism about gutter politics just got more ammunition in Aitkin and Crow Wing Counties.

In the Oct. 24 Dispatch, a letter from Stephen Sundquist of Hill City called for a write-in campaign in the House District 10B contest for David Strand. That’s me.

Sundquist, a Democrat, opposes DFL nominee Joe Radinovich because “he agrees with almost everything Republican Dale Lueck, had to say.” Also, he cites my Aitkin Age articles in opposition to Tom Emmer containing all the principles that make Sundquist a Democrat. He will write my name on his ballot and encourages all true Democrats to do the same.

Only none of what Sundquist says is true.

Stephen Sundquist is a 24-year-old University of Minnesota graduate who lives in Minnetonka. He also had a job, field director of the Minnesota House Republican Campaign Committee. He lost that job the day after his letter was published and the state DFL office filed a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Obviously this was a brazen plot to play with the minds of Democrat voters in Aitkin and Crow Wing counties.

The voters in District 10B should not let GOP operatives get away with their deception. Send Joe Radinovich to St. Paul by voting for him and telling your neighbors to do the same.

While Joe has run a clean, above board campaign, the same cannot be said of his opponents. The evidence is this fake letter and the storm of ugly full color flyers attacking Joe that voters are getting by mail from Republican sources.

Just one final question. In firing Sundquist the state GOP said they do not condone this behavior. If that’s true, why didn’t the District 10 Republicans who worked with Sundquist blow the whistle on him?

David Strand