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Commends Houle

Commends Houle

Wow, to imagine that Tim Houle would take the lead in a much needed change with county offices is most exciting and quite commendable. We need more thought provoking ideas like his.

I am concerned about the potential backlash, though! People do not like change. It scares us. Necessary as it is, we should liken its potential to how we communicate with each other. Who dials a phone number on a party line like I did when I was a teenager?

Keep that up, Tim. Strong leadership with new ideas should not be novel in Crow Wing County!

One would think that with the rapid advances we’ve seen in technology that some of the benefit could come back to downsizing government offices, eliminating duplication of services and streamlining staff with technical resources that advance the public cause. Thank you so much Tim Houle.

Next, we might think again to merge Brainerd and Baxter! (No, maybe we are too big for that.) Who would benefit, anyhow? It takes uncommon leadership to challenge the status quo and we have not had enough of that in the Brainerd area.

Bring on the future and let’s think out of the box!

Allen VanLandschoot