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Post-election advice

Now that elections are over, it’s time to re-assess and to pray. First for President Obama, who is facing challenges as severe as when he began his first term. For Romney and his fellow Republicans, who are recovering from a bitter defeat and are asking what went wrong. For both parties, that they resolve differences and decide to work in a bipartisan manner for the common good.

For the wealthy, that they heed the axiom that many know and live by: “If a rich man has more than he needs, and a poor man has not even what he needs to live a decent life, the rich man must in justice share his excess with the poor man.” And for a nation, we have the wise words of a distinguished Supreme Court judge: “We can have a vast rift between the poor and the rich or we can have a democracy. We cannot have both.”

Now as we are still suffering from the recession, it may be an auspicious time to appeal to the wealthy to voluntarily share their wealth (a gift than not everyone has) to come to the rescue of our country. Some emergencies that need support are these: To evade the “fiscal cliff” that is threatening: To find ways of creating jobs for the millions of our fellow Americans who are unemployed; to strengthen our infrastructure (bridges about to collapse, etc.); and to supply funds for the sustainability of the earth — offsetting threats of catastrophic climate change, global warming and other disasters to our planet and to the universe. Other causes can easily be found.

I know of many examples of the wealthy using their own funds to alleviate world problems, such as the Gates Foundation. Perhaps more of the wealthy, including the urgent emergencies we have “here at home.”

Sister Ruth Nistler, OSF

Little Falls