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No more whining, please

The “perfect quote” in the Nov. 19 paper from the Czech Republic was a reach. As the writer is attracted to foreign quotes, here’s one.

From Andrian Kreye in the Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany): “Obama’s victory in the U.S. was decisive, but it would have been an absolute rout if Germany could vote. More than 90 percent of Germans favored his re-election. Part of the reason is our general love of America, rooted in nostalgia for the 20th century superpower that defeated the Nazis and the Soviets and gave us jeans and rock ‘n roll. But more specifically, Obama seems to have brought to U.S. politics a European spirit of solidarity and compassion.”

As long as Republicans continue to let resentment-filled talk radio blowhards like Limbaugh and religious zealots define the party as anti-science, anti-feminist, anti-gay and anti-Hispanic, they are doomed to become a party of the past.

In right-wing blogs, radio talk shows and Fox News, conservatives convinced themselves that Obama was a Muslim Kenyan Socialist who hoped to destroy America. Propaganda that the rest of America dismissed as nonsense.

The election is over and a solid majority has spoken. Let’s get down to business and try to make this country the best we can.

If all we are going to get from the opinion page in this paper is negative posturing, fuming, and whining from the right, and little weekly notes of “more changes we can do without,” it’s going to be a long four years...or more.

Gary Krueger