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V.P. or spoof?

Ron Houle’s editorial of Dec. 3 sparked my interest when he referred to Keith Hansen as vice president of something. In fact, Mr. Hansen is a vice president (of audience development). I have never heard of such a title in the newspaper industry, so am wondering if it is a spoof?

It was refreshing last week to read editorials from other newspaper staff personnel. I hope the Dispatch continues to rotate such duties as there is more than one slant on the news out there.

After Mr. Hansen’s “vacation” last week it does appear that his Dec. 3 opinion column shares light on the possible problems of getting something done in Washington, and this time shares the blame.

Once again I encourage him, in his vice president role, to serve as a leader in our community and encourage writings to bring us together, not continue to polarize us.

Peter Mann

Lake Shore