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UPDATE: Final Minnesota legislative bills may be passed in middle of the night

Perplexing questions

How come letting the Bush tax cuts expire would be unwise because it would only bring in $680 billion in revenue and that wouldn’t even put a dent in the deficit, yet Romney’s plan to cut funding to public television was a priority?

How come extending the tax cuts to the rich is necessary because they are the job creators and after a decade we still have 9 percent unemployment?

Why do we still have the electoral college when most states grant all their votes to a candidate who only has to get 51 percent of the popular vote? Doesn’t this deter voter turn-out if the voters think their individual vote doesn’t count? This has allowed a candidate who gets the minority of the popular vote win the presidency.

Why did it ever become the responsibility of the employer to provide health care to their employees and a pension after they retire? Can’t the employees provide their own health care with the salary they earn along with all the other insurance we now have to pay for?

Why is Congress so concerned about paying back China and not paying back the Social Security Trust Fund that they have been robbing for years to pay for pet projects?

And if the object is to eliminate or cut back on parts of government that aren’t efficient or productive, why not start with cutting back on Congress and all the federal workers who get higher salaries, perks, holidays, extended vacations and automatic raises that the private sector doesn’t get?

And why is it that someone who can sing, act, become a TV personality or play any sport with a ball (and their coaches) earn some of the highest salaries? Are our priority so screwed up that entertaining us is the most important job in the country?

Julie Pawlak