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Cravaack’s guest rant

Chip Cravaack’s guest opinion on Tuesday last week is a testament to why he was defeated. As was his standard, toeing of the Republican line, he is once again totally faithful to the talking points of the day.

His description of how we got to the “fiscal cliff” was good as a list of what happened, but when he says the Bush tax cuts helped everyone, there is room for debate. The cuts reduced the amount of revenue the government collected and since spending pretty much leveled out, the result had to be an increase in the size of the debt.

As the recession built and jobs were lost, I guess the wealthy didn’t create all those extra jobs we were promised with the windfall of the money they received from the cuts.

I would not say the cuts helped the unemployed either. Income has barely risen for the average American unlike the wealthy for whom it has truly skyrocketed.

Perish the thought of asking for any more taxes from their modest incomes of over $250,000.

Cravaack goes on to say “strip away the finger-pointing” and then goes on to say “the president refuses to lead in any serious way.” So what is that if not finger-pointing.

He then spends nine more paragraphs criticizing the president while patting himself, and fellow Republicans, on the back in a typically righteous fashion. Over 60 percent of the American public believes the Republicans will be to blame if we go over the cliff due to their refusal to do what is best for the country.

Lay politics aside and do what is best for the common good, not what is politically best for everyone. Most of Americans don’t dwell in that top 2 percent but vote with our dirty calloused working hands.

Jim Grimes