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Gun control won’t work

Gun control will not work. Unfortunately. You know it, I know it. It’s just an excuse to avoid facing the real problem. It’s people. Our people. Like the drug addict who refuses to see what his addiction is costing himself and others, because the addiction is so powerful.

Canadians have guns, in roughly the same proportions we do. But their gun violence rate is roughly one-eleventh of ours. (Michael Moore’s movie, “Bowling for Columbine.”)

OK. Limit the size clips for guns? Limit buying of ammunition? Don’t call it “ammo.” That’s already part of the violence!

As I write this, I can already think of half-a-dozen ways around these limits, if I chose to be a “shooter.”

I’d love to hear the NRA, Winchester, Remington or Glock offer their solutions.

Like traffic fatalities, gun violence will never be stopped. It can be curbed and reduced. It’s like Ralph Nader’s “Unsafe at Any Speed” did for auto safety.

I quit NRA when the nut held a rifle overhead, “...from my cold, dead fingers.” I own a rifle; but that nut didn’t represent me.

We need a Ralph Nader of anti-violence. Some people have been so well trained by their masters, they still hate Mr. Nader. It’ll be the same when someone effectively begins to discourage violence of our people. He or she will be a pariah.

We are like the Romans’ empire in the time of Jesus: make many people suffer, so a few can benefit.

Shut down Halliburton. Oops, sorry about your toes, Mr. Cheney. But if we’re going to really do something about violence, we have to address all violence. Otherwise it’s just talk and self-flagellation. Stop the Tea Pot rhetoric. Oops, sorry Dispatch. More toes stepped on.

When seeing a soldier, it’s ridiculous saying “thank you.” We should be saying, “I’m sorry.”

A. Martin