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It doesn't need to be like this

I tried to think last night, what it must have been like, to get a call to go to the elementary school where your child was attending because there had been a shooting. I tried to comprehend what went through a parent’s mind when they arrived on the scene and saw all of those police units, fire engines and ambulances and then being directed to the fire station to frantically search for your child amongst the survivors.

Lastly, I tried to somehow imagine what was going through a parent’s mind when your child wasn’t among the living and you were directed to another room to receive the bad news that some homicidal manic had killed your child.

Then at some point, you had to gather yourself together and go home to the rest of your family and share the news.

That night you sat in his or her bedroom broken-hearted and sobbed among their toys and possessions. Hugging their pillow and a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll to your chest, just to smell their scent and soak up your tears until you can cry no more. There are gifts under the Christmas tree for him or her that will never be opened.

I doubt the moviemakers could write a script like this. I don’t doubt that some day they will try. That day will come because what we witnessed last Friday, will become and is becoming commonplace in our society.

As a Christian man I live by two sets of laws. One of them God’s laws because I want to — and one of them — man’s laws because I have to. God’s laws aren’t open to change and misinterpreting. They are what they are. He is the judge and jury. His laws are finite and concrete. Man’s laws once resembled God’s laws in this country when it was first formed. But it was a tough road to hoe for some people and not much fun for them to live that way, so we changed them and now look what we have. Ah yes we do have our freedoms don’t we?

What kind of a creature can kill babies? Who can shoot an innocent child as he or she cowers in front of you screaming and crying because he just witnessed his teacher and his classmates being killed?

Even animals will fight to the death to protect their young. We’re supposed to be ahead of animals on the food chain. (I question that sometimes.)

Mental health experts have said we need to spend more money on mental health issues. How about we stop these people from becoming this way in the first place, by cleaning up the environment they are raised in? They weren’t born this way. Maybe we need to get back to God’s laws. That’s cheaper and easier then new hospitals and more prisons.

I’m an old man now, but I do have one up on the younger generation. All of us make choices between good and evil in life every day, because we have seen good and evil and the wisdom of age helps so much in those comparisons that are part of life’s bargaining process. Too many of the younger people today have no benchmark to go back to because all they have known is what we have today. That’s not their fault, that’s our f ault. We’re the ones that let it slip away. So now we need them to try and change it before it’s too late, because we have passed the torch and they are now in charge.

When is it too late? I know 27 families in Connecticut for whom it’s too late. How many more times must we go through this before we change?