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Go Iowa!

I saw an online article that suggested GOP donations in Iowa were drying up because Ron Paul backers were now the majority GOP leadership in that state. Is the article right? Maybe, but that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. It might indicate that middle class, liberty-minded thinkers are clashing philosophically with wealthier donors who are accustomed to buying government influence and who don’t see how supporting the new leadership benefits them.

The current system allows wealthy GOP and Democratic donors alike to contribute campaign dollars for their own self-interested reasons. They look forward to a quid pro quo result. Should their ‘bought’ candidate win, they get quickly returned phone calls and favorable legislation even if it means the legislation they demand isn’t good for America. According to former Sen. Alan Simpson, 80 percent of the money appropriated in our federal budgets benefits 20 percent of the American people.

Paul supporters are not typically wealthy, but they would usually never vote for tax hikes on the rich or anyone else, or for deficit spending. Most are disgusted by the fiscal cliff fiasco. Furthermore, most don’t think anyone should donate more than they give their church to obtain fair-minded government.

Regardless of a lack of money, they do hold a highly valuable card during election season: a ballot that becomes exponentially powerful when they speak with a united voice. Liberty-minded thinkers can offer everyone something America currently doesn’t have: legislation that guarantees constitutionally fair government regardless of financial status, race, religious preference, etc.

What’s not to like about equal opportunity, peace, and prosperity? Can you remember the last time America enjoyed it? Maybe it’s time for the middle class to lead a revolution of thought, and for wealthier donors to support them. Go Iowa. I hope you lead the way.

Barbara Haney