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Anti-gun crowd pushes for ban on assault weapons as sales jump

One would have thought there would have been a backing off assault-style weapons following the slaughter of 20 students and six school officials in Connecticut. One certainly could have drawn that conclusion based on all of the rhetoric heating up Washington, D.C.

Since Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term as president of the United States, gun sales have sky-rocketed. Nationwide more than 2.7 million Federal Bureau of Investigation background checks for gun buyers were conducted in December 2012.

Keep in mind that the FBI’s background checks do not include those guns sold at a gun show or from individual private party sales.

While the FBI checks do not represent the actual number of firearms sold, experts say the background check requests do provide the best measure of firearms sales in the United States.

What’s caused the surge?

Citizens are buying guns, large capacity magazines, ammunition and accessories which are targets of the anti-gun crowd. Simply stated, they are exercising their Second Amendment right while the right to buy and own a gun, including the much maligned assault-style rifle, is still on the books. Bottom line: Many Americans fear this Congress and administration will blunt the breadth of the Second Amendment.

Based on FBI background checks, 2012 was a record-setting year for gun sales in the country with more than 19 million background checks conducted.

Local gun retailers say the year-end surge has continued right on into 2013. Dealers say the only thing putting a damper on sales is that demand is outstripping the supply.

New gun laws were tossed around on the Sunday morning news panels, with most suggesting an assault rifle ban. No one is talking about other, more obvious issues, such as video and movie violence, or guns in the hands of mentally unstable citizens.

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