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Stop posturing

Republicans have expressed concerns about the

DFL majority moving the Agriculture Finance Committee into a larger

Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Finance Committee.

Republican Reps. Daudt and Hamilton even sent a letter questioning my

support for Greater Minnesota. I believe Minnesotans care much more

about results and they will judge the success or failure of the new DFL

majority based on results for agriculture and rural Minnesota, not on

committee structure.

These attacks are more confusing when you

consider that the Republican majority had the same committee structure

from 2005-06, when they had an Agriculture, Environment, and Natural

Resources Finance Committee. That committee was also chaired by a metro

legislator. Rep. Hamilton raised no objections at that time.


would make one think this is merely political posturing and an attempt

to divide this state. I hope not. Helping farmers is among our top

priorities, and agriculture has been an area of bipartisan success.

Part of being an effective legislator involves building relationships.

I’ve worked to build relationships across both party lines and

geographical lines. If we’re going to be successful, we need to work

together. We’ll have disagreements, but partisan attacks won’t move our

state forward.

Despite the GOP’s complaints, rural Minnesota will

have a stronger voice in this majority. Eighty-three percent of the

state’s budget is now under the leadership of chairpersons from greater

Minnesota. Greater Minnesota will be heard loud and clear this session.


of arguing about committees or attempting to divide this state, let’s

get to work on improving all of Minnesota. We need to get to work on

boosting agriculture in this state. We need to get to work on improving

our schools and lowering property taxes in this state. It’s time for

solutions, not political posturing.

Rep. John Ward

District 10A