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‘The Speakeasy’

It was with great interest that I read the

recent article in the Dispatch regarding Guy Green and the radio show

The Speakeasy. A few short weeks before “The Speakeasy” went on the air

on 3WI radio there were a series of promotions that were pre-selling

the program.

Having been in radio over 20 years myself, I was

intrigued by a locally produced talk show that would include some local

“flair.” After listening to the program for a few weeks I was quite

disappointed. That “The Speakeasy” was conservative leaning was no

surprise as 3WI radio carries a lot of conservative programming.


disappointment I felt was due to the ordinary tone of the show — so

similar to Limbaugh, Beck, Ingraham, Crowley, etc. There was the local

“flair” but that came in the form of conspiracies and corruption in the

lakes area that apparently only they could see. Guy and his sidekick

Tony Bauer were able to connect the dots to a conclusion or conclusions

that few others could connect.

With frequent calls for some

local official to deficate in their hat and the regular name-calling

(one example...Guy and Tony calling Rep. John Ward a dwarf and idiot)

it became clear to me that Guy and Tony were a couple of potty-mouthed

angry white guys with axes to grind.

While I hope “The

Speakeasy” will return, perhaps Mr. Green and Mr. Bauer will realize

the First Admendment protects their right to free speech it doesn’t

shield them from the consequences of their words.

Scott Kile