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Minnesota lawmakers plan to wrap up special session Thursday as hundreds protest

Green’s demise

We had more to do with Guy Green’s removal from

3WI than the alderman in question. As a long time listener of

“Speakeasy” we felt the show recently stooped to its lowest levels.


sent a letter to 3WI explaining our frustrations with Guy Green’s

personal and business attacks and outrageous bashing on Alderman

Scheeler. Guy was on some witch hunt with Mr. Scheeler. I called the

radio show and spoke to Mr. Green about some of the mistruths he was

broadcasting. I was cut off short of finishing and did not get my say.

The personal and business attacks are what got Guy removed from 3WI.

We feel we should be credited in his removal. Right after our letter to 3WI was sent by us, Guy was removed.


also feel that Guy himself should be credited for his removal. He

continued doing personal and business attacks on the air when asked not


Give credit where credit is due! I am surprised there are not more people that want to take credit for Guy Green’s removal.


the city council of Brainerd this should of never been brought to you

as a issue. Guy Green should be credited with his own demise.

Violet Lefebvre

Pine River