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Destructive power of drugs in Crow Wing Co. will haunt users

Meth is a major addictive near-epidemic problem in Crow Wing County, according to Sgt. Joe Meyer of the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Department. The physical toll this drug has is immediate and always highly addictive.

A personal eye-witness account of meth’s destructive element power of the human body was experienced when a neighbor’s daughter, then a 19-year-old, “experimented” with meth. This beautiful creature took on the face and characteristics of a woman in her 50s. Her face was distorted, her teeth were rotting in her mouth and her newborn son was neglected.

Fortunately for her, caring parents were forced to intervene. They immediately sought custody of her son. They then sought help for their daughter before the ultimate price for this addiction cost her the life they had given her less than two decades earlier.

Strong intervention was needed. On a few occasions she claimed she was clean, only to slip back into use of the powerfully addictive drug that was easily obtainable from her “friends” that were manufacturing the substance.

Finally, the family sought help from one of the most successful treatment centers in the nation — Teen Challenge. Within a year, this young woman had been released from treatment. She obtained and held a job. She was caring for her son in a maternal manner consistent with someone in control of her faculties.

The price? A couple of years in the early part of her adult life that will never be recaptured. Her body would never look like that of a twenty-something.

I’d like to say there’s a warm, fuzzy ending to the story, but the tragedy lies in the sadness that her only child will be the child she gave birth to during her dalliance with meth. She’s in college trying to pull herself together, but the road is long and hard.

This is just one story of one young adult that “experimented” with a substance that is not just illegal, but has the potential to kill.

If there’s a lesson to be learned it should be that young and old alike avoid the catastrophe that is played out throughout this nation. Avoid the pain of chemical dependency in the first place.

Keith Hansen

Denton (Denny) Newman Jr.
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