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DFL, gun control

In Minnesota the 2012 election put the DFL

back in the majority at our state Legislature, so along with the

governor, they are the party in charge.

Emboldened by these

results, the gun control advocates swiftly introduced new legislation

to put limits on the law abiding gun owners in our state. The four

bills now pending in the House are HF 241, HF 242, HF 243 and HF 244

and they’re all authored and sponsored by Democrats. No Republicans

have their names attached to any of them.

Meanwhile, as the DFL

wants to tell non-criminals what guns they should be allowed to own and

how many bullets the magazines should hold, they also want convicted

violent felons to be able to have guns. What? Yes, HF 486, also

authored by Democrats, would allow rapists and murderers to get their

guns back. Does this make any sense to you? The hypocrisy is

astounding. Let’s take legally purchased firearms away from law abiding

gun owners and give them to convicted violent felons. Amazing!

If you voted for Democrats in the last election, are you surprised by this?


not. Even if the DFL representative or senator in your district says

they’re pro-gun rights, the party they belong to is not. When you put

them in the majority, this is what you get. Elections have

consequences, and the DFL in Minnesota is just getting started. Don’t

expect your governing body in St. Paul to give a fig about your 2nd

Amendment rights here in the northern part of the state. They seem to

care more about criminals having guns than you.

Hopefully, in the

election two years from now, you’ll think a little more about what the

party stands for when you mark your ballot.

Jan Schultz