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HYSTERIA: U.S. ammunition suppliers report a shortage

Consider this: A gun store is limiting the amount of .22-caliber ammunition a customer is able to purchase at one time to one box. Since the government began talk of limiting guns the shelves of gun stores have been emptying as rapidly as supplies are replenished.

In addition to .22 shells being in short supply, 9mm, .40 and .45 are virtually non-existent. Those stores that do have these cartridges in stock are commanding higher prices.

All of the hysteria was fueled by the administration. “While there are proposals to ban assault weapons, outlaw certain types of armor-piercing bullets, restrict the number of rounds in magazines for some guns, and end online ammunition sales, Obama and leading anti-gun violence proponents on Capitol Hill have not proposed background checks for ammunition, or restricting the amount of sales,” according to USA Today.

It isn’t just a fear of government that has citizens clamoring for guns and ammunition. In recent months Homeland Security has asked for bids for up to 1.1 billion rounds over the next five years. Homeland Security has 130,000 agents carry weapons. I guess they fear being caught up in outraged citizens who are not given shelter, food and clothing like those citizens that fell victim to super storm Sandy.

Last year, according to reports, the Social Security Administration (SSA) asked for bids for 174,000 rounds of .357 ammunition. I guess the SSA fears retirees demanding funds from an agency that has no money in the bank with which to pay aging baby boomers.

As a side note, the Social Security Administration has 295 armed agents around the country to fend off any attacks on offices.

Perhaps the anti-gun rhetoric and arming of social agencies to the teeth has caused the citizenry to read the tea leaves — their government is getting ready to exert overwhelming force upon the people of the United States.

I guess one should draw one’s own conclusion. However, the average citizen is not waiting until the government comes knocking for their guns.

Keith Hansen

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