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I’ll help with cuts

I want our senators to know that before

they go into a sequester, see me first! I’ll be glad to help find the

cuts needed. And we are sick of hearing the threats to programs that

have positive results. It’s a marketing ploy to scare people into

allowing tax increases without any cuts.

A simple way to start is by looking at the events we, the taxpayers, pay for.


do you think we feel looking at those elaborate dinner parties and

receptions that we’re footing the bill for? For $40 a person, we could

throw on a really good feed-bag. Area church ladies groups would do an

awesome job while providing a profit for their group.


programs that work at the street level are sometimes burdened with the

cloak and dagger of government oversight!. Most humane non-profit

services already belong to an organization of similar agencies.


provide oversight, industry standards and evaluation to assure services

maintain their excellence. Then we have to have government agencies to

study the needs and best practices for another cloak. Why can’t we

trust the civilian organization’s oversight and standards are based on

what is best for the people they serve?

I want to fight for

implementation of the K.I.S.S. philosophy. Keep It Simply, Simon! I’m a

disabled worker so I’m free to help any time.

Find joy. Give joy.

Kathleen Stephan

Pequot Lakes