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Sharia law coming

Let’s wake up to what is going to happen in

the near future. First of all there will be a new world order, which

includes: First, a one world monetary system; second, a one world

religion (Islam); and third, a one world government ruled by Satan, the

Antichrist and the false prophet.

Sharia law which is the rule of order in strictly Muslim countries like Iran, has a dictator and includes:


Every woman wears a burka, which is a scarf that covers the entire head

and face — except the eyes. They also wear long robes.

2. Men can

have many wives but women can have only one husband. If the woman looks

at another man she is severely beaten by her husband. If she is caught

in adultery, she is stoned to death, but not the man.

3. If someone is caught stealing, their hands are cut off.

4. There are no homosexuals, because they are all killed.


are only a few examples of Sharia law, and as you can see they are not

pleasant. Yes, they severely persecute and behead all Christians who

will not renounce their faith and become Muslims, but there is no need

to go through any of this. Just admit you are a sinner and need a lord

and savior. Believe God’s son Jesus love you so much he was crucified

and rose again so you can be forgiven and repent (turn from sin). Then,

thank Jesus, ask for forgiveness, give Him your life and begin obeying

Him every day, with the Holy Spirit’s help.

When the rapture comes, you will be in heaven and save from the great tribulation.

This is your choice, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

C.S. Long