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Pro gun paranoia

Your quote “about 85 percent of American gun

owners support background checks,” if your figures were correct all

legislators would have voted yes! Common sense says that!


outcome of the massacre at Sandy Hook would not have changed with

background checks. The shooter’s mother bought the guns. She knew her

son was mentally ill and couldn’t get him help. She should have removed

all the guns. Parents should be mentors not buddies.

What would

have changed the outcome? More hospitals to put mentally ill people in

instead of closing most mental hospitals because of money! Minnesota

has only two places for doctors to send mentally ill patients here in

our area. Just two!

Oh yes, your quote, “The legislation (or

background) checks would not take guns away,” that statement is correct

to a point. However it would put in place a list of all gun owners.

Hitler had his list and look what happened: all guns taken, millions


We believe that could happen in America. We are fighting for no infringement on our second amendment rights.

Honest people follow the law. Criminals do not. They will always have guns.

May God bless us all.

Shirley Stukey