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Misplaced trust

At least two more dogs have died in DNR approved body grip (killer) trap sets since Penni and Sue were brutally killed using those same DNR approved trapping methods.

If you aren’t familiar with trapping, DNR regulations approve the use of powerful killer traps that have killed 100 lb. dogs. There is no way that a hunter or a person walking their dog on public land can predict where their dog will find the DNR approved killer trap set so every trip in the woods is like playing roulette with your dogs life.The traps kill by breaking the neck or crushing the windpipe and suffocating the dog. The DNR approves concealing these powerful traps on the ground virtually anywhere on public land including ROWs. The DNR approves using meat and grouse parts for bait in these concealed traps.

Last week the DNR rejected multiple requests to withdraw agency approval of recklessly setting killer traps on the ground where they are killing our dogs. Evidently it does not consider the dozens of dogs that are killed each year significant enough to inconvenience a few reckless trappers who only want to check their traps every three days and refuse to use safe but equally effective alternative methods that don’t kill our dogs.

The city of Brainerd places its trust in the DNR to responsibly regulate trapping but that trust is misplaced. Unless Lum Park has special restrictions DNR regulations approve hiding meat baited killer traps in the park lured with a strong animal lure capable of attracting dogs from over a block away. The same thing may be true of county owned French Rapids where many people walk their dogs. The city and county should develop their own trapping regulations because the DNR is untrustworthy.

John Reynolds


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