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Anti-hunting agenda

Anti-hunting agenda

Make no mistake the metro DFL senators and representatives effort to stop wolf hunting and trapping is part of a relentless campaign against sportsmen and women. If SF666/HF1163 becomes law it will stop wolf hunting and trapping for five years and be a major victory for anti-hunting groups.

Please don’t be taken in by the misleading comments they are making about Minnesota’s wolf population and the DNR’s management. Minnesota has a vigorous wolf population that has been closely monitored for decades here in Minnesota. Minnesota’s wolves are part of a huge contiguous wolf population that reaches far into Canada, Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Minnesota’s 2012 wolf season was carefully regulated and closely monitored by the MN DNR. The results of the season will add additional valuable data to a mountain of wolf population data that already exists. There is no science based reason to stop Minnesota’s hunters and trappers from conducting a well regulated annual wolf harvest in Minnesota.

Senator Eaton and her anti-hunting DFL friend’s in the senate are chipping away at our outdoor heritage of hunting and trapping with SF666. In the house Rep. Isaacson has assembled a group of metro DFL legislators that have signed onto HF1163 on behalf of anti hunting groups that are after sport hunting and trapping. Stopping Minnesota’s regulated season on wolves is the first step for groups like HOWL, HSUS and other anti-hunting group’s longs tanding effort to end all hunting and trapping.

If you value hunting and trapping please contact our area legislators and ask them to stand up for Minnesota’s sportsmen and women on this issue. Senator Carrie Ruud (10) (651) 296-4913, Rep. Joe Radinovich (10B) (651) 296-2365, and Rep. John Ward (10A) ( 651) 296-4333.

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