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Hey ladies, don't forget about the guys today

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Valentine’s Day

Can be about the men too!

It’s a day where flowers, chocolate and jewelry purchases sky-rocket. Dinners by candlelight and millions of romantic cards are sent out sealed with a kiss. It must mean it’s Valentine’s Day. However, in all of the hubbub of heart-filled festivities the guys tend to get left out.

It’s true, Valentine’s Day is a holiday, while centered around love, that’s made to be more about the females than the gentlemen. It’s not our fault ladies, it’s just the way it is and to be honest, most men are OK with that. Show up and give him anything with the word ‘LOVE’ splattered in pink and red glitter today and he would most likely just rather you forget the holiday all together.

Still, the truth of the matter is he wouldn’t totally mind you showing him some affection via gifts (who doesn’t like getting a present?) And who knows, it may result in a bigger ring for you next year.

So here are a couple ideas, with the help of some of my male guy friends, of what men want — more than just you of course.

He wants....

Thought — As a close guy friend of mine said, “basically anything that took time to carefully pick out or prepare. Getting a DVD or another T-shirt of my favorite sports team is lame. Put some thought in to it.” It’s a valid point. Us gals tend to expect him to put forth a strong effort to “show his love for us” on Valentine’s Day, so why shouldn’t we do the same? Cooking and baking are great ways to do this. Toss on your apron and whip up his favorite meal (even if it’s not yours) or call his mom and ask what his favorite cookies were growing up. He will definitely love you for it, and as the old tale says ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

Practical things ­— Tools, socks or even a new grill, guys want things that they can get use out of more than once. It may seem simple but it’s something that he will be able to use time and time again and when he does, he will most likely think of you.

A ‘guys night’ — I know, it may seem like presenting him with a trip away from you might be counterproductive to the meaning of the Valentine’s Day and love, but it really will show him how much you care. Even if it’s just a weekend fishing trip that you set up for him and the guys, it will be an instant winner in his mind and most likely dub you the “coolest girlfriend/wife ever.”

Gadgets — If he doesn’t already have some sort of mp3 player get him one. The iPod shuffle is the perfect stepping stone in to moving him through to the 21st century (and at a cost reasonable to you). Create him a playlist to add that extra bit of meaning. If he’s already rocking to music on a daily basis, check out the electronics section for some hookups and attachments to make his iPod really rock.

Sports — Seems obvious, yes, but it can be more than tickets down to the Xcel Energy or Target Center. Get him lessons with a golf pro or hit the batting cages together. If sports really aren’t your thing, jump online and look for sports memorabilia from his favorite player or team. Another great option is to rent a couple sports movies that both you and him can enjoy cuddled up on the couch together (I recommend “The Fighter”, “Happy Gilmore” or “Miracle”).

Specialty beer — This was one every single guy I asked listed in his top three gifts, all with one stipulation; it has to be an exotic or imported beer. “It’s a logical and a fun gift that allows me to try something new with my girlfriend,” said one guy. One great option is get him on a brewery tour or sign him up for the Rare Beer Club (, where he can try a variety of beers each month.

Now of course these are just a few of many ideas for the guy in your life and most of them can be applied to birthdays, anniversary and other gift-giving holidays. No matter how — or even if — you celebrate the Hallmark influenced holiday don’t forget to take some time and remind that fella’ of yours how much you care; and if you get him any of these gifts, just how lucky he is.

JESSI PIERCE may be reached at 855-5858 or Follow her on Twitter @jessi_pierce