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There are many reasons to move to Brainerd

A recent unsigned correspondence (Vox Pop) published by the Dispatch asked, “Why would any business want to move to Brainerd?” followed by a political rant.

Let me identify many reasons why Brainerd would be a winner for your business: 1. An adaptable work force willing to learn, who will give you value for your money. 2. Schools and a college ready to add specific training to meet employer needs. Those same schools provide quality education and opportunities in the fields or art and athletics. 3. A cordial relationship between union and non-union groups. 4. Land with infrastructure available, assistance to help you make the right fit. 5. A spirit of encouragement and mentoring among businesses and corporations and with schools, churches, civic groups and local government. 6. A city with first class police and fire departments that work closely with area counterparts so strengths are maximized and the best technology is available. 7. An up-to-date airport to handle the needs of your business. 8. A beautiful and historic city hall where staff work with you to assure your satisfaction with the process. 9. A public utility that continually upgrades its services and capacity so your power source is reliable. 10. Beautiful parks in a beautiful city, you can enjoy recreation or solitude. Through Brainerd winds the Mississippi River. 11. Here you will find a reasonable structure, made possible by a city council that understands the need to live within the means of its citizens. 12. Here you will find a spirited and robust community, the voice of democracy, the voice of America and your voice will be welcome. 13. Here you will find a city council that welcomes you. You won’t long be a stranger.

Come, visit our city. There are so many more reasons for you to locate here. Let us tell you about them.

MARY KOEP is president of the Brainerd City Council.