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While judges debate, the ACA saves Americans billions

The Affordable Care Act that became law nearly two years ago. It builds on the existing health insurance and health care industries. It does not produce “death panels”, does not gut Medicare and is not a government “takeover” of health care, as some of the many irresponsible lies flooded over those in America who are gullible claim. What the ACA has done is methodically save billions of dollars for millions of Americans. The law is a huge step toward expanding health care to the uninsured, and progress in removing the shame for the only country in the modern world that does not implement universal care to all.

One example of its many benefits is the savings in substantially lower costs of life-saving drugs. Seniors on Medicare, most living on fixed incomes, have saved on average $635 on prescription drugs alone. The total savings over two years exceeds $3.2 billion. This is the result of discounts negotiated with the Drug Industry, reports the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court is deliberating whether or not Americans will continue to have health care for millions more and to finally achieve progress in putting brakes on the runaway health care industry that already costs twice as much as our competitors.

One would hope that the highest court would consider that scarcest of commodities in their deliberations, plain old common sense. They didn’t use it in granting personhood to corporations, but we can hope.

David Strand is a retired 3M executive with ten years of residence in Europe and many years of service to the communities in which he lives. He is married to Cordy Strand. They reside in Aitkin County.