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Striving for Success at BHS

Before my senior year started I wasn’t even sure I would be a graduate of Brainerd High School. My family was transferred this past August and there were many options for us to choose from. Everything about this community, these people, and this high school made me want to be able to stay. Thanks to the support of my friends, family, and teachers I have been able to finish my high school career where I first started it.

It has been a long road — and not always the smoothest one either. Some members of the Brainerd High Schools Class of 2012 (including myself) had to go through one of the roughest patches in life at an early age. During our freshmen year, one of our classmates, Dakota Kirkpatrick, left us and would not be returning; but Dakota will be in our thoughts as we walk through the line on May 31. The school provided so much support for those in need of it and it helped everyone to move past our loss. Since then I cherish every moment of my life and make the best of every opportunity from sitting in class all day to late night football games to school dances.

Brainerd High School gives every student a great environment to build their lives into what they want them to be. Actually, it’s not just the school but also the community and the Warrior Way. If it were not for the Warrior Way we would not be given the chance to participate in all of the athletics we have. Sports have always been a part of me and have helped me through life. Brainerd athletics have provided me with an escape from everything else going on in my life and the great coaches and teammates only add to the experience.

I feel like I can speak for all of the Class of 2012 when I say that we have made one memorable senior year. Some people say they had the worst time in high school, but for me I believe it will be one of the times in my life that I will remember the most. All the ups and downs have taught me that you can only live and learn as you go on.

As my last year here comes to an end I feel as though I have been blessed. Blessed for the people I have met, the teachers and coaches that push me to strive for success, and the family that has allowed me to be here. Christopher Columbus once said, “By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at this chosen goal or destination.” In the end all the hard work has paid off, all the failures have been learned from, and every one of us created our own paths that we are now ready to take on.

Chelsie Manton, Brainerd High School Senior – Class of 2012.