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Interactions with DNR seem futile

Over the past months I have been having some concerning interactions with local Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

This week our neighborhood in Garrison has been having a direct encounter with sick fox hanging around. I called the local DNR and my conversation was quite interesting.

I explained the situation we were having with this fox. He asked what I expected him to do about it. I told him to come and take care of it. He said I should contact the local animal hospital. I told him that they had been contacted already and they said to just let it alone. He said, well there you go. I said that some of my neighbors have pets and that the fox appears to have mange and mange is very catchy.

He asked if we could just trap it. I said that we don’t have any traps. He says to just shoot it then. I tell him it is illegal to discharge a firearm in the city limits. He says to find someone with a good air rifle then. I ask, what I am supposed to do with it after I shoot it. His answer: to bury it in the woods. Then he says to just shoot it in the vitals and it will probably run off and die somewhere.

It was not much comfort in his lack of being willing to help. I will give him this much, he had all of the answers for me to do what I thought was his job.

But it does not matter who this person is, or what he has become. My only reason for his lack of helping is it was probably taught from his higher ups. If one cannot go to a game warden for assistance with a wild animal, where does one go?

This is not the first time of being put off by the DNR. We also had problems with bears that had cubs coming into people’s yards and on their decks.

Numerous people called the DNR, but were told that they no longer move them, they kill them. We have been told that if they moved them, they would just be someone else’s problem. We were also told that all of the traps are in use.

So which is it? Do they trap them to kill them or trap them to relocate them to a more suitable environment?

What alarms me most though is a lot of our government agencies have drifted away from serving the community, to policing the community. When these agencies are more interested in controlling the public versus assisting the public, we have a problem. That is not the type of government that is supposed to be the way of the United States. Our War Veterans fought other countries abroad to rid that type of government.

This has become the norm from the top on down to the local level. They no longer believe that they have to answer to the citizens (taxpayer).

It also bothers me that an employee of the state would do something as I view wrong just because it came from a higher up employee. I think people in these higher up positions need to take a true, hard look at their daily routine.

Do they set out to assist or arrest?

Now the hard part, what type of government do they wish to represent. I have always had a dislike for tax cheats. Now I think I am starting to see their point. We aren’t getting our money’s worth.

Larry Charlson is a resident of Garrison.