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This is my country

On the 10th of January they moved the doomsday clock ahead another minute. The doomsday clock is a symbolic clock face representing global disaster that will occur when the hands get to midnight. There are many factors that come into this. Nuclear war, climate changes, economic conditions, to name a few. Most of them, the rest of the world and our country, have largely chosen to ignore. It’s been as close as two minutes to 12 and as far back as 12 minutes since its inception in 1947.

I believe it was the Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier who once wrote “Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, it might have been.” Sometime in the future historians will wonder, when talking of the demise of our great society, what went so terribly wrong? How could a country that was founded on such great principles, abandon them in this apparent act of self destruction? We only needed to look back at what had worked so well and what hadn’t worked, to have found the answers to our problems, but hindsight was not on our list of options and hasn’t been for some time.

I submit that greed has played the largest role for our nation’s pending failure. I remember a country where love and honesty were much more prevalent in our daily lives. Not only our love for our country, but love for each other. Love for the earth. When I sing “America the Beautiful” today, the words no longer seem to fit the images I used to have in my mind. Pictures I formed as a young man when this country was prospering, and was seen as one of the good guys. Verse four says in part, “Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life.”

While a great share of the world, and many people right here in our own country go to bed hungry, half of our population in the good old U.S.A. has a weight problem. We chastise the countries that are responsible for bringing drugs into our country, but it is our people who buy them and use them. We ask for government handouts because things are so tough and then we buy a half a billion dollars worth of Grand Theft Auto video games. We use gambling money to fund new stadiums for rich men’s sports. We spend enough money on one election to run a lot of countries for a year, because in this country you no longer deserve the office you run for — you buy it.

In the mid-70s we had an oil embargo, and we found out then and there how dependent we were on foreign oil. But our response, when the embargo was over, was to make bigger gas guzzling vehicles than we ever had before.

We buy oil from the same people we are at war against, and they use the money to buy guns and bullets to kill us.

It has been the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of our nation. Had we started in 1975 to find other ways to propel our vehicles we would have solved the problems by now. We’re not stupid, we’re just greedy. Had this happened our dollar would still be strong, and so would our country. Yes, with a little less greed and a little more caring it might have been.