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Upset by election results, voter ignorance


Pequot Lakes

I am very upset from the election results – both national and Minnesota.

Our president is either a habitual liar or someone very misinformed and not on top of the national situations. I will give him the benefit by only calling him stupid and incompetent.

Obama told the nation he approved more drilling permits than any other president. That is a bold faced lie! The number of drilling permits on public land was reduced by 36 percent while Bill Clinton increased permits by 59 perecent and George W. Bush increased drilling permits by 116 percent.

Obama also put a stop on the pipe line from Canada. Instead he favors importing oil from the Middle East.

Average unemployment rates for the Bill Clinton years were 5.21 percent while the George W. Bush unemployment rate was 5.27 percent. The Obama rates rose to an average of 9.36 percent — almost double of the two former presidents.

Today, only 58.1 percent citizens are employed, the lowest rate since the incompetent Carter days.

The national debt under Obama has risen more than any other president in history. Today our debt is more than $16 trillion and expected to hit $20 trillion, and soon. The federal debt at 67 percent of GDP is the highest since just after world War II.

Our world credit rating was hit with a downgrade — the first ever in our history.

Obama stepped into the job without ever managing even a lemonade stand! His inexperience is very evident in the manner he tries to lead our country!

I have heard some people in federal government and even some Minnesotans have joined the propaganda of “tax the rich corporations.”

That statement shows the stupidity of some people. If you increase the tax on General Mills, the consumer pays the price increase of cereals. If you increase the tax on “rich oil corporations,” who really pays for that increase? The consumers pay at the gas pump. It is impossible to tax corporations — period. When taxes are increased on corporations the product they produce carries the tax increases on the commodities we buy.

So next time someone has an idea of reducing the debt by increased tax on corporations you can conclude they are just plain stupid or on a propaganda campaign.

If we took all the profit from corporations and small businesses over $250,000, we could fund the federal government less than one month. Then who would be left to create jobs? I haven’t seen many poor people hire new workers.

I did see where Obama hired 10,000 IRS agents to monitor people’s compliance to get health insurance. All that is overhead but I guess if you never had experience even running a lemonade stand you cannot understand some of the basics of economics. This overhead should not be counted as new employment — it is a killer of jobs.

South Dakota, only 200 miles away from here, has zero corporate tax and zero personal income tax and has an unemployment rate half of Minnesota. Brookings County, S.D., had to curtail some building because they couldn’t get enough carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

In our own district we elected two politicians who are pimps for the unions. They take some money from our hard working people and send the money to big union bosses who live high on the hog and filter some of the membership money to politicians who vote nonsense.

Recently, the Brainerd School District lost $200,000 of state funding because the teacher’s union didn’t settle with the school board offer within the time limit. I have asked our local politicians if they would go after the union for half of the $200,000 to be returned for our kids education. The local politicians run from such a thought.

We certainly need to become more informed before we vote or stay home on Election Day.

Robert Olson is a resident of Ideal Township.

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