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Salvation Army needs help – Calling all Santas!

Christmas is the time of year when our thoughts turn to images of family gathering around the dinner table to share a meal, giving gifts to each other and watching the joy on the children’s faces as they see the festively wrapped gifts for them and the sheer delight in opening them up. It is a time of Christmas cookies overflowing onto the kitchen table and hot chocolate mustaches on all who gather around to indulge in the sweet goodness and to be thankful for the generosity and love of those around us. Love, goodwill and moments of joy abound in times like these and enrich and add meaning to our lives and those around us.

Memories are made, pictures are taken and in this season we, at The Salvation Army, want to take a moment to share with you from our busy table of thanks to yours and to tell you why we still need your help this Christmas season.

We, at The Salvation Army, would like to give you a glimpse into what happens around our table and among our family here in Brainerd. I invite you for a moment to partake of and share in these stories of the lives that we have been able to help with, which is made possible by this community, not only at Christmas but throughout the entire year.

These are snapshots that we have collected around our table so that you are able to see what it means when you put money into the red kettle and what it does to help our neighbors:


Recently we had a gentleman come into our office who lost his job and his unemployment ran out. His wife had just started her job and they have a small child. Because of his sudden unemployment, they were evicted from their apartment due to the inability to meet rent. The local shelter was full and could not take them in at the time either; they were in desperate need of help! We were able to provide them with two nights of shelter at a local hotel until they were able to obtain stable housing for their family.

Another couple was found living under a bridge with only a propane heater for warmth. We were able to put them up in lodging for a few days until a partner agency was able to find them suitable long-term housing.

Where do Red Kettle monies go?

In the month of November we served 935 individuals with 37,648 pounds of food, and this Christmas season we are serving 1,100 children with angel tree gifts and 778 families with a gift card to buy a Christmas dinner.

This is a part of the Salvation Army’s family photo book and there are so many more stories just like these. Because of your generosity and willingness to give, we are able to provide people a meal to share with their families, gifts for the children to open and heat to keep them warm in their homes.

It has been a difficult Red Kettle campaign thus far, and because of snow storms and frigid temperatures, our donations have dwindled and we are behind in our goal for the year. We need your help to be able to keep providing the services that we offer and we can’t do it alone, we need your support to make things happen. Please consider donating to help us meet our goal this year. Please consider digging a little deeper this Christmas season and dropping a few more coins in the red kettles because your change helps us make change for good in our community.

Blessings from our family at the Salvation Army to yours.