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Businesses help people understand

The generous practice of providing TV news for customers and employees by companies like Bremer, McDonalds, and Cub could be a lot better than Fox News. This station is not helping our economy when it supports the party that recently shut down the government causing 800,000 layoffs and shrank our GDP by .6 percent. It also sequestered the economy earlier this year causing 800,000 permanent layoffs, and delayed paying our loan payments to other countries which reduced our nation’s credit rating for the first time in history.

This is the same party that refused to vote on the American Jobs Act that could have put millions of layed off construction workers back to work, the group that is regarded as the most important for growing our economy. This party is infamous for controlling the Congress that has only a 5 percent approval rating, the lowest ever, for doing next to nothing in an effort to obstruct rather than work with the president. Fox has also routinely misinformed on the biggest problem we all face with climate change. Working hard to cut CO2 emissions, the president has quickly grown cleaner natural gas and ultra clean Solar, while making cars and appliances substantially more efficient.

It’s time for businesses with TV’s to show they are altruistic in their goal to inform. Turning the channel to MSNBC that supports the party that ended the great recession with nearly 5 years of steady GDP growth would prove it. MSNBC supports our president who has presided over 47 straight months of job growth and a skyrocketing stock market that’s drooling over expanding economics, stopped the wars that accrued much of our debt, and cut the budget deficit by more than half. Americans have hundreds per month in extra spending cash thanks to low interest mortgage refinancing and high mileage cars. This money is largely spent in local businesses. Bankruptcies due to health insurance pre-existing conditions, denials, and lifetime caps are a thing of the past in this country thanks to the ACA.

Businesses, charities and the Pope are all trying to help the poor at Christmas. No one should watch the station that supports trying to cut unemployment benefits for 1.3 million people hunting for work, taking healthcare benefits away from 41 million U.S. citizens who can finally have it under the ACA, and supports keeping a low minimum wage that forces millions to stay on welfare while corporate profits and corporate available cash are at record highs. Cutting $40 billion in food stamps out of the Farm Bill while millionaire landowners, many of them Republican congressmen continue to get annual checks for millions in farm subsidies is not much of a Christmas blessing for less fortunate Americans either.

A far better gift is to switch to channel MSNBC that supports the party controlling every branch of Minnesota’s government now boasting a $1 billion surplus and a very low 4.8 percent unemployment rate. We’ll be watching.

Neal Lesmeister is an exploration geologist from Baxter.

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