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Writer missed the target

I write in response to A. Martin's latest tirade against the "wealthy." He misses so many facts, and jumps to so many ill-conceived conclusions, it's no wonder his letters generally ramble all over the road. However, they always wind up attacking successful people.

As far as his allegations of Republicans playing "Daddy Knows Best," it is laughable to think of any greater source of elitism and undeserved intellectualism than the Democratic Party. They, after all, invented the American Nanny State system that is swallowing entire cities and states today with impossibly high burdens of financial obligations. (Cloward and Piven, anyone?)

He apparently believes that "redistribution of wealth" occurs when a 'fat-cat CEO' takes profits but refuses to share them with employees (!) Sorry, A. Martin, but you completely missed the target.

What he fails to mention is that if a company should somehow manage to make a profit, in spite of massive government roadblocks, the government is there with its very large hand out, wanting more and more taxes on that profit. Then, the socialists running our government use that tax money to "redistribute the wealth" to people who did not earn it. Things like welfare, food stamps, earned income credits (where you get money back for paying no taxes in) are used to buy more votes the next time around. It is as vicious and unsustainable a system as you can imagine.

Mr. Martin gasps about "what's fair?" when he mentions wealthy people.

Again, A. Martin, you swing and miss. There is not, and should not be, any sort of "Equal Outcome Guarantee." The key is "Equal Opportunity" for everyone. Some are just willing to work harder than others.

As to your question, what's fair about us paying high taxes so others contributing nothing can live a comfortable life?

Tony Bauer