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Reader Opinion: Empty DFL promises

It is more and more obvious that Rick Nolan is running scared of Stewart Mills. He is now calling for a moratorium on foreign steel imports. To me this is clearly an effort to sure up his USW vote.

I grew up in a family supported by iron ore mining and still have family members working hard in the mines. I support efforts to help the mines in Minnesota and every miner, as does Stewart but it's time to be honest with ourselves. It's time to ask which party supports the mining community.

Congressman Nolan admitted in a Nov. 24 press release, under Bush we saw a recovery in mining as he implemented tariffs, under Clinton we got NAFTA and under Obama we are looking down the barrel of TPP. Also, under Obama we have gotten a veto of the Keystone Pipeline, which could have been a huge demand for American steel.

While yes the effort being made by Nolan is good in theory, it is coming very late in his term. If he is in the support of the iron miners he claims to be, then why didn't this effort come back in 2014 when the layoff began?

It's time for iron ore miners to stop being the victims of the empty promises of the DFL. The Eight District deserves a representative that will fight for them everyday he is in office, not just when he is faced with a challenge and wants to get re-elected.

Kenneth Toole