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Reader Opinion: Bus policy

I am so very happy to see the new bus policy in District 181 change. I went to the board meetings addressing this issue in 2014. It made the front paper of the Dispatch. I felt a kindergarten and first grader should not have to walk a mile to school. I brought many issues to them concerning this policy:

1. Too young to leave unattended for five minutes let alone a mile walk one way.

2. Dangers of a sex offender.

3. Cold weather.

4. No sidewalks on a busy street.

5. Crossing railroad tracks and busy intersections with no patrols.

These are just some of the things I mentioned. I got "no" compassion from the board.

Had I have known this was a topic with the board again I would have been in attendance

for this.

Thank you to the person that finally got them to listen.

Robin Cowell