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Reader Opinion: Distraction and Reality

Eight months ago we had an absurd election which served only to assure the continuation of a dying and destructive Neoliberal Economic System.

They got rid of their only real threat, the Bernie Sanders' campaign. That left a contest between Hillary Clinton, the Queen of Neoliberal Economics, and Donald Trump, the Clown Prince of that system, in his full regalia of self-indulgent wealth. Trump would win by conning the naive. He promised he could use Neoliberal Economics to save the people and the nation by simply applying business ethics and his personal mystique to the problems. Many people voted for change.

Since then we have continued to rehash that election with endless discussions about how it shouldn't have happened and possible Russian involvement.

Now we have a nation divided and hating the other side, a society full of childish bickering, pinching, biting, kicking and hair-pulling, remembering every slight or imagined slight to fuel the feud.

So while the Establishment puppet-masters keep us distracted, there is no real discussion about issues like global warming, social justice, income inequality, racial issues, education, infrastructure, our part in wars, refugees or anything else.

Instead we stay focused on what Trump did today, or will we force the Russians to admit their dastardly deeds and simply withdraw from the world scene.

We think that all we need to do is sit on the couch as fans of our particular side, feeling like we are participants because we either cheer for our side or swear at the opposition on the screen.

And for those who dislike Trump, they all know that if they can only dethrone him all will be great once again. We can return to our beloved Neoliberal Economic System, which continues to systematically impoverish us.

Has anyone been paying attention?

Bob Passi