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Reader Opinion: Wow

In response to the Star Tribune story that Essentia Health is discriminating against court ordered mental health clients, I commend Essentia Health for their decision to take care of local voluntarily committed clients in need of mental health care over involuntary court ordered clients, often dangerous, from anywhere often out off state because the state has no place for them.

At one time we had a state hospital with a professional staff of 600 caring for as many as 1,300 physically and mentally, severely mentally handicapped, mentally ill, traumatic brain injury people, chemically dependent and medically fragile unit and emotionally disturbed youth. That's almost a 1-to-2 care ratio. Thanks to Minnesota Health and Human Services, Ms. Gardebring and Senator Ogren, who led the charge and all the sheep that followed, this was demeaning treatment and they should be placed in the community. Remember "It takes a village?" Somewhere I read in the news recently that Minnesota Health and Human Services was pleased to announce a budget increase that amounted to 20 beds. Wow.

Mike Pikula