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Reader Opinion: Squeaky clean

So does the behavior of Harvey Weinstein surprise anyone? Not really. It's the new norm in this country. To be truthful, it's always happened. The only difference this time is, one of the big fish just got caught. For sure, some lawyer will find some underhanded way to explain the whole thing to a court, and life will go on for old Harvey. Then there are the untouchables like a couple of presidents I could mention. They have more than lawyers on their side. They have entire legions of people who have professed their loyalty to them. Their supporters will even pay for the lawyers to defend them. Their moral compass got thrown out a long time ago when it comes to defending their candidate.

We saw in the primaries what happens to the squeaky clean candidates. And just to be clear here, squeaky clean, if you're a politician in today's government, can never be really squeaky clean but they were far better than what we got. The way our government is set up, where you get elected by promising favors to people with money, well, it just not conducive to squeaky clean.

So what does the future bring us? More of the same I am sure. You see the people who would be charged with changing the system are the people who are the system, so that's akin to having the prisoners in the penitentiary running the parole board.

We the voters have little say who runs for office. Two political parties whose backs are itching all the time choose the candidates for us. We go vote for the lesser of two evils. That is if were not also influenced by the party.

Mike Holst