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Reader Opinion: Mandatory flu vaccines

Regarding the Dec. 1 story "Essentia adds flu to mandatory vaccines—Longtime Pine River doctor refuses flu shot is let go." By Travis Grimler, Echo Journal Staff Writer.

I am a very healthy 94-year-old retired dentist. My March physical at Essentia Health, Crosslake, stressed the importance of a flu shot. I opted not to have flu shot for the same reasons Dr. David Laposky highlighted.

Dr. Laposky's father was my doctor beginning in about 1973. On my first visit he asked, "Anything I should know about your health?" I replied: "Yes, Fibromyalgia."

He asked, "Who made that diagnosis?" My reply: "I did."

My "self-help book"—"Taking Control of TMJ" (1999) has Chapter 8: Fibromyalgia.

The article by Travis Grimler, I feel, is a must read. The Laposky legacy must be allowed to continue. Mandatory flu vaccines? Wrong!

Robert O. Uppgaard, DDS

Pequot Lakes