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Reader Opinion: Fix the access

I took the time, on the afternoon of Dec. 7, to drive out to the "public" access at the east end of Mahnomen Lake which is in the Cuyuna Recreational Area. The access is still a mass of deep, washed-out gullies. It is unusable.

Both summer and winter fishermen would like to use it. The landing on the west end isn't accessible due to uncontrolled high water. Both landings were in good shape and useable before the recreational area was established.

I had previously contacted Rep. Dale Lueck and made him aware of this problem. At a meeting in Ironton in 2016 I asked him why nothing had been done to solve the problem and I was astounded when he said it wasn't known who owned the land. The recreation area was established in 1993 and the officials don't know who owns the land within the boundaries after 24 years?

An extensive article in the Oct. 15 Minneapolis Star Tribune expounded on the many financial benefits which mountain biking has brought to Crosby-Ironton.

The article stated that the Legislature appropriated $3.6 million in tax dollars for this area last spring, $600,000 from the Legacy Amendment in 2015 and $670,000 from a joint volunteer effort with the Hallet Trust. This totals $4,870,000. With this funding, 17-19 miles of new bike trails are planned in this recreational area by 2021. This, on land which the officials are uncertain of the ownership?

Representative Lueck and the management of the recreational area, why can't you find a couple truckloads of mine tailings to make the access useable once again? There are huge piles of the stuff less than a football field away. Remember, there a far more fishermen in Minnesota and in this area than there are mountain bikers.

Nolan Spencer