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Reader Opinion: Christmas thoughts

As I think over the years, to the Christmases I have celebrated, my fondest memories always come back to the simplest ones, the Christmases of my youth and my childrens' youth. I ask why are those indelible memories so fixed in my mind and why are recent memories so easily forgotten? I think it all boils down to the sincerity, the simplicity and the sacrifice that was made during those times and the love we had for those people, many of them now gone before us. We often think we will forget about them someday—but we don't. It's not something easily forgotten.

Our life is a stage and we the actors come and go and although today's actors are no less important to us than those of the past, it was yesterday's actors that we transfigured from flesh and blood into these meaningful memories, which will live on as long as we do. Time moves on for all of us with each tick of the clock but too often it goes in the opposite direction of our reminiscing. Every day we are pushed and pulled by those memories of the past and the stark realities of the present day and now here at Christmas we seek a happy medium of the two.

Christian or not, Christmas always helps us find that place where we harmoniously blend the past and present. Elvis sang, "If everyday could be just like Christmas? What a wonderful world it would be." Makes sense doesn't it? For now though, we surround ourselves on this holiday with those we love and they are often the link to those gone, who we used to celebrate Christmas with and somehow, it all blends together in one big happy Christmas.

Merry Christmas everybody.

Mike Holst