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Reader Opinion: A bad rap

My brother, who is now 66 years old, has been at the Heritage house facility in Pequot Lakes for four years.

All in all they have taken very good care of him. I see how they treat all the residents and it is always good, kind and respectful.

Their daily cares, food, medicine, nursing and doctor visits are all taken care of.

It has always been clean and tidy. They respond to family, etc., inquiries immediately.

I know how it is since Joe's wife, Sue, and I visit separately several times a week at all hours.

I feel they were given a bad rap with these past issues. There probably isn't any business anywhere that doesn't have issues or problems.

Let's pay the help more for their very hard work. The only problem with any and all assisted living facilities is the lack of visitors. Where are they?

Betty Sieckert