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Reader Opinion: Common Ground

Today I read of a husband and a wife who were splitting up after 20-some years of marriage. One of their reasons for their unhappiness was they were politically on polar ends of today's politics. I must admit right here—that if that was the defining moment for them, and it was why they were breaking up—they didn't have a lot going from the start. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I was raised to respect other people's rights, to have a different opinion of how they believe. It's not only in politics, it's in religion, it's in how we raise our children, and how we treat others. No

one's asking you to agree with everything they say and do—they are only asking you to have an open mind, or at least it's the way it should be.

I have a friend right now who has been with me going on six years and we have differing opinions on many subjects. It doesn't stop us from talking about them and minds have been changed both ways, but in the end it's the love and respect we have for each other that has the final say, if we can't compromise.

We live in an increasingly contentious nation and under the rule of a man who seems to have little regard for how others think. His chosen political party seems to do his bidding, hell bent to ram their ideas down our throats with little regard to the people they hurt. On the other side of the aisle is the party of no ideas except to oppose. Like the man and woman I started out talking about, these two parties would rather just hurt each other and whoever else is involved, then find any common ground.

Mike Holst