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Reader Opinion: Lack of lake public access

Rep. Dale Lueck, District 10B, recently responded to a letter I had written to three local newspapers about the lack of public access to Mahnomen Lake. I will quote portions of his letter.

"It is a fact no public access exists on Mahnomen Lake. The unimproved accesses that have been used to reach the lake over the years are on private property." "No easement or access agreement with the property owners authorizing the general public to cross private property to access the lake."

Lueck goes on to state that 1,385 acres of the 2,148 acres in the recreation area are privately held, mainly by undivided interest ownership. "While records exist identifying those interests, tracking down the heirs of the undivided interest owners and getting all parties to agree to sell a particular parcel presents a major challenge."

Lueck states that he was the chief author,in the Minnesota House of Representatives, which resulted in a $3.6 million dollar investment to improve the lands in the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area.

Someone must be paying taxes on these the lands Rep. Lueck describes must they not? Otherwise, they would be tax forfeit. Couldn't a small portion of that $3.6 million be used to identify these owners and negotiate a sale of the very small area required for an access to the lake?

Let this be a challenge to you Rep. Lueck

Nolan Spencer