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Reader Opinion: Who will pay?

Recently I heard the "initial cost" of Trump's wall at $18 billion. Cost of "maintenance forever" isn't mentioned!

What we could do with $18 billion for education, peace, food stamps, healthcare?

It won't cost Trump $18 billion; it likely won't cost him a cent, now that he and fellow Republican have passed themselves a nice tax deduction, ridiculously called "tax reform".

That tax law gives huge permanent breaks to the wealthy. It gives small temporary breaks to middle incomes. What about "the poor"? No one mentions them anymore. Don't we have any? Poor, you'll have to educate yourselves to how you're being screwed, then speak up for yourselves! Loudly.

The so-called "tax breaks" for everyone are simply a loan taken out in our names. The "tax reforms" will put us in debt $1.5 trillion. That means we'll have to pay it back again, with interest. Nice gift—for the banks! Who will pay this—the wealthy, or everyone else? Geez, people. Wake up. Our dumbness is embarrassing.

The only way to create wealth or money, is through useful work. We can't just print money; it would be worthless.

A dollar can only be in one place at a time. When a wealthy person gains one, somewhere someone else loses one.

A few years ago, Republican Mitt Romney reportedly had $250 million. That year he acquired another $14 million. Based on a 40 hour work week, 50 weeks of work, he gathered $7,000 per hour. What sort of "work" is worth that?

Recently Republican Speaker of the U.S. House Paul Ryan was railing against lazy slackers receiving welfare. What's the typical wage these "slackers" could earn? Nine dollars an hour?

How much work incentive would Mitt Romney have if he were paid $9 instead of $7,000?

A. Martin